As before mentioned Dentuur B.V. has been founded due to the demand of more price conscious dental technique. Our origin can be found at TandMeesters Nederland. TandMeesters has two establishments where dental technique is taken to the absolute highest level. With this knowledge and experience we can work on a level that knows no equal.


Technical Director

Jonathan Koning is the founding father of TandMeesters Nederland. Before he started his company he gained a lot of experience at various renowned laboratories. Furthermore he successfully completed the Institute Vocational training Dental Technique, specialising in Crown and Bridgework.

Jonathan is inside Dentuur, mainly occupied with the technical aspects in the Netherlands.


CEO of Operations (Inshore)

Vincent Stecher has gained a lot of experience at renowned laboratories. He has mastered several disciplines of dental technique and is widely trained. At the Institute Vocational training Dental Technique he completed the specialization Crown and Bridgework. Vincent is also co-owner of TandMeesters Nederland.

He mostly occupies himself with the operational aspects within the Netherlands.


CEO of Operations (Offshore)

Jeroen Klijnsma has gained his experience by learning the trade at a small laboratory in the centre of the Netherlands en his education at the Institute for Dental Technique, also winning the ‘Bob Tolmeijer Award’ in 2009. Shortly after he founded his own medium sized laboratory, to then fulfil an international position for a Dutch-German company within the dental market.

Jeroen is mostly concerned with all operational aspects offshore.